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Age 15 and up only
Lessons are from 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Rules and regulations

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to create a safe and pleasant environment for all who train at Black Bear. Read it carefully and ask questions in the training if anything is unclear.

1. Goal and mission. The Association of Black Bear Taekwondo is created to train anyone who wants to in taekwondo. To this end Black Bear organizes weekly training sessions and other activities to support the development of its members in taekwondo. The training sessions are open to anyone over 15 years.

2. Respect en discipline. In Taekwondo respect and discipline are paramount. At Black Bear, this means that you treat your fellow students and your trainers the same way you want to be treated. You also handle the dojang and the materials with care: you greet upon entering and leaving the room; you help clean up after the training session; you always clean up after yourself, and throw all trash in the trashbin. Furthermore, you always act in each others best interest (see point 13).

3. Equality. Everyone within Black Bear is equivalent regardless of race, gender, age, religion, culture, etc. There is no distinction to be made on the basis of these differences. However, not everyone is equal (see point 4).

4. Trainers. You follow the instructions of the trainers. You may ask questions, but the last word is always the trainers. They will act in terms of safety and responsibility.

5. Membership. By signing the registration form you become member of Black Bear Taekwondo, with the rights and obligations that go with it (see point 6). The trainers reserve the right to reject aspiring members. For this they are not accountable except to each other.

6. Termination. Termination of membership is possible through our website, at least one (1) calendar month prior to the end of your membership. Upon lack of the termination, your membership – and thus your obligation to pay dues – continues until you finish it in the agreed manner. There is no room for discussion. The trainers may waiver the contribution obligation, but only in consultation with the head coach. Reasons for this may include long-term injuries, illness or other force majeure. However, this will always be in agreement. The trainers always have the final say.

7. Rights and obligations. Each member is required to pay dues, as agreed at the start of membership. If you meet this requirement, you’re welcome to all activities of Black Bear. It is your own responsibility to pay your dues on time. In default of payment, there will first be a conversation with the head coach before any other action is taken. In extreme cases a suspension and/or termination of membership will follow. If there are financiel problems, please let us know. We’d like to examine with you what the possibilities are. Trainers will always handle this situation delicately.

8. Clothing. Everyone trains in a neat dobok and accompanying ti, except for people who just started training. For the dobok, you are allowed to wear a white collar when you have a Geup degree, and a black collar when you have a Dan degree.

9. Required materials. Via the link on our website you can order all kinds of material for a well-equipped training. For men wearing a tok is mandatory in every training session. In sparring training sessions, arm and shin protection as well as a mouthguard are also mandatory.

10. Tournaments. We like to enter tournaments with our school. For tournaments which the trainers consider suitable, you can get an invitation to join. The final word on your participation is always left to the trainers. They act for reasons of personal safety and responsible participation.

11. Exams. We aim to organize two exams every year. All examinations prior to the first Dan are conducted in our own dojang.

12. TBN. You are required to join the Taekwondo Federation Netherlands, the umbrella association for our sport. The school will subscribe you as a member. You are responsible for your cancellation and your payments.

13. Dojang etiquette. In and around the dojang there are a number of rules, which you have to follow:

  1. When entering and leaving the dojang you greet with a short bow.
  2. You put your cell phone on silent.
  3. You put your personal items at the side of the dojang where they are in nobody’s way.
  4. Lining up at the beginning of the training is as follows: the trainers are in front of the group. The highest student lines up right up front, facing the trainers, followed by the following three degrees. On the next row the 5th highest grade lines up on the right, behind the top student, and the next three degrees line up left of him/her. This will continue until everyone has a place. At equal degrees the principle of seniority applies, meaning the one who’s been training longest comes first in that degree.
  5. At the beginning and end of the training you greet the trainers with a short bow. The highest student gives the commands’ Charyeot ‘and’ Kyeungre ” and you answers with a bow and the words” Tae kwon. The head coach then says ‘Joonbi “and you get into Gibon Joonbi Seogi.
  6. After training you greet everybody by shaking their hands, traditional taekwondo way: you put your right hand out, supported by your left hand below the elbow. When shaking hands make a slight bow.
  7. Your are not allowed to eat or drink in the dojang, except when the trainers tell you you can.
  8. In the locker room you put all your stuff (including your shoes) on the benches, so that the cleaning lady can clean the floor easier during training.
  9. You help clean up.
  10. You clean up after yourself.
  11. You pull the door shut behind you against intruders.